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An image based on PA 03838/20 representation, showing Xlendi superimposed approximately with elevation of projects presented for approval. PA 06676/16 in dark red - already approved by PA and being built. PA 04587/20 in yellow/orange. PA 03818/20 in red. Image provided by Wirt Ghawdex

Massive development will forever change Xlendi bay – Wirt Għawdex

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‘Old houses in the area deserve protection’

Two “extensive” planning proposals in Xlendi could forever change the aesthetics and character of the popular bay, a Gozitan NGO is warning.

On Friday Wirt Għawdex expressed concern over the proposed construction of a three-level basement garage complex underneath 60 apartments and six penthouses. This development would take place on undeveloped land.

Adjacent to this project, another proposed development would see the demolition of Hotel Xlendi and the subsequent excavation of the site. A 4-star hotel and a five-level parking lot would be built on site. 


“While Wirt Għawdex is never against development so long as it is carried out in a controlled manner and in total respect towards the surrounding area, in this case, is there anything sustainable about these two developments,” it asked.

According to Wirt Għawdex, the “massiveness” of the two proposed developments is “completely out of proportion with the size of Xlendi Bay”.

If approved, these two developments will, among others, have great repercussions on traffic, waste generation,  quality of life, the cleanliness of the sea, and the quality of Xlendi as a holiday destination in itself.

Moreover, the proposed façade of the second development “jars terribly” with the older houses in Triq San Xmun and does not complement them in any way, the NGO said.

It added that these houses were among the oldest structures in Xlendi and deserved some kind of protection.

Article source: Times of Malta