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The Gozo channel. Photo: Chris Sant Fournier

Regional Development Authority for Gozo launched

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri has officially launched the Gozo Regional Development Authority which will be addressing the socio-economic development of Gozo by recommending projects and policies that broadly address the needs of Gozo. 

The committee is also tasked with drawing up a framework for a specific socio-economic policy for Gozo.

Camilleri explained that this authority will be dealing with issues directly affecting Gozo and thus, the island’s characteristics will be addressed more urgently and adequately. Among the issues which will be addressed are connectivity and better use of its natural, financial and human resources.

Michael Grech has been appointed as the authority’s president while Mario Borg will be its CEO.

Grech said the authority will be consulting with the government, the private sector, constituted bodies and non-governmental organisations and the general public to prepare. and publish a Regional Development Strategy for Gozo.

Camilleri said he is confident that this authority will play a crucial part in helping to transform Gozo’s many challenges into opportunities by taking actions holistically about the environmental, social and economic realities of Gozo.

Article Source: Times of Malta