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The Environment Planning Review Tribunal (EPRT) will seal the fate of Hondoq Bay is coming Thursday, the 3rd of November.

Let Hondoq just be Hondoq urges the Coalition for Gozo

The Environment Planning Review Tribunal (EPRT) will seal the fate of Hondoq Bay is coming Thursday, the 3rd of November.

The EPRT’s decision will be a momentous one and in the view of the Coalition for Gozo, “this will decide the fate not just of Hondoq but indeed of all Gozo.

The Coalition for Gozo, which includes Din L-Art Helwa, Ghawdix and Wirt Ghawdex, argued that, “this large-scale project will change the face of Gozo forever if it is allowed to go ahead.”

“The local plans and policies do not allow projects of this nature, and one shudders to contemplate that the coastline around Hondoq, which has so far remained pristine, could be consigned to the dustbin of history,” the Coalition said.

The Coalition went on to say that it strongly supports the stance of the Mayor of Qala, Paul Buttigieg, who has been successfully opposing this project on behalf of the people of Qala and indeed the entire island for 20 years.

So far, the proposal, spread over 104,000 square metres of virgin land, and which includes a hotel, apartments, villas, residences, restaurants, retail outlets, and a marina, has been unanimously rejected by the Planning Authority.

The Coalition said that it trusts that the EPRT will recognise the “existential damage that a project of this scale will cause to the island of Gozo and firmly reject this proposal once and for all.”

The Coalition added that it fully shares President George Vella’s warning, expressed on this year’s ‘Jum Ghawdex,’ against the threats to the natural environment and national heritage when he referred to Gozo as a “fragile gem, forced to withstand pressures from many sides.”

The Coalition maintained that those areas of Hondoq which are still unspoilt and pristine should remain so, while areas which have been defaced should be rehabilitated to better reflect the natural environment which characterises this coastline.

The Coalition for Gozo concluded by saying that, “this will serve both to provide a respite for nature, and to guarantee the enjoyment of this site by present and future generations of Gozitans, Maltese and international residents and visitors to Gozo.”

Photo by: Daniel Cilia – (Photo reconstruction is only an approximate since the architect’s flat plans on an aerial photo were used)

Article Source: Gozo News