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The government must recognise the value of green spaces and work to protect them. Photo:

The sale of green spaces must stop – Gabriel Micallef

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Green spaces critical in mitigating climate change, promoting community health

The sale of public green space to developers has become a disturbing trend in Malta.

The authorities responsible for protecting these valuable environmental resources have become accomplices in their destruction, raising serious concerns about the future of our environment and community well-being.

I strongly believe that this green space should be converted into a park and I am against the government’s decision to sell it for development.

I was amazed by the residents standing up for what is right by initiating a parliamentary petition.

It is a shame that this is being ignored by the government.

I am also concerned by the silence of ministers in our parliament. Their lack of action on this issue makes them accomplices in the destruction of our environment.

The authorities must recognise the value of green spaces and protect them for the benefit of the environment and future generations. Green spaces play a critical role in preserving natural habitats, mitigating climate change and promoting community health and well-being.

Unfortunately, the authorities seem to be driven by short-term economic gains that come with development projects, disregarding the long-term impact on the environment.

This green space has been left undeveloped by the government for over three decades, indicating that it was recognised as an important resource that should be preserved.

However, the authorities have now decided to sell this green space to developers, disregarding the environmental impact of the planned development and the concerns raised by residents.

The authorities must go beyond simply considering the environmental impact of development projects and take steps to protect public green spaces. They must also recognise the value of green spaces and work to protect them.


The sale of public green space in Mellieħa Heights is a clear example of how the authorities are failing to protect the environment and the community– Gabriel Micallef


At a council meeting held two months ago, I raised this issue and called for a clear position to be taken by the council in defence of residents. I urged the council to pressure the government to revoke the decision to sell this public green space. However, the majority of the council members did not agree to take such a position.

It is disappointing that the authorities responsible for protecting our environment and promoting sustainability are failing to recognise the value of green spaces.

As a councillor, I will continue to advocate for the preservation of public green spaces.

Moreover, it is ironic that while the government has launched Project Green, which aims to turn green areas into parks for families and add green urban areas, at the same time it is selling off public green spaces to developers.

This is a missed opportunity to fulfil the government’s own goals and to promote environmental sustainability.

The negative impact of development projects on the environment and the community cannot be overstated.

The sale of public green space to developers is a shortsighted and unsustainable approach that will ultimately lead to the destruction of our environment and the deterioration of our quality of life.

The sale of public green space to developers must be stopped.

It is crucial that we demand action from the authorities to protect these important environmental resources. We must act now, before it is too late.

Gabriel Micallef is a Mellieħa Nationalist  local councillor.

Source: Times of Malta