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The Regional Committee of Gozo Presents Proposals for the Sustainable Future of Gozo at the MCESD Meeting

During a MCESD meeting dedicated to the Gozo Regional Committee (GRC), seven Gozitan stakeholders, represented by ‘For Gozo’, committed themselves to address important proposals that have an impact on Gozo and the residents.

The coalition ‘For Gozo’ is made up of the three prominent environmental NGOs of Gozo – Din l’Art Ąlwa Gozo, Wirt Gozo, and Gozodix, together with the Gozo Business Chamber, the Gozo Tourism Association, the -14 local councils in Gozo and the University Group of Gozo.

Joining the social partners in the MCESD were the Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Clint Camilleri, the Minister for Public Works and Planning, Hon. Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, Hon. Andy Ellul.

The highlight of the meeting was a comprehensive presentation by Mr. Godfrey Swain, who represents ‘For Gozo’, which emphasized the urgency of safeguarding Gozo from overdevelopment and protecting its unique heritage and environment with clear proposals.

The presentation highlighted the concern about the potential transformation of Gozo that could destroy its beauty and unique character. However, through collaborative efforts, the seven entities reached consensus on key issues, resulting in the formulation of an eight-point proposal plan that offers a clear roadmap for addressing the challenges facing the built environment and nature of Gozo through direct action and a call to action. This is to ensure the character and specific qualities of the region to preserve the identity and value of Gozo. In addition, this plan strives to protect traditional industries, trade, and to have a strong quality tourism sector.

The contributions of MCESD’s social partners provided tangible responses and support through their expertise and experience. The social partners unite behind the unceasing commitment of the Regional Committee of Gozo and ‘For Gozo’ to the ambitions of Gozo and its residents. While recognizing that Gozo is an integral part of the Maltese islands and a major tourist destination, the discussions emphasized the significance of Gozo in the interest of the general national economy.

The Hon. Zrinzo Azzopardi, the Hon. Camilleri, and Hon. Ellul provided updates on the actions of the government and expressed gratitude and appreciation for the dedication of the Regional Committee of Gozo to be proactive with proposals for Gozo that will benefit all its residents.

The presentation which offered valuable insight, can be accessed here .