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Citadel - Photo by Alain Salvary

GRDA and Għal Għawdex seek to converge on Għal Għawdex Eight Point Plan

The seven stakeholders within the Ghal Ghawdex Forum and the Gozo Regional Development Authority (GRDA) held a formal meeting to discuss and find convergence on the Eight Point Plan launched by Ghal Ghawdex. This meeting followed the publication of the GRDA reaction to the proposed plan.

In a statement on Friday, the Forum said that both GRDA and Ghal Ghawdex Forum are in full agreement on “most of the proposals” with full agreement on point 1, namely the urgent need for the development of a specific spatial plan for Gozo, clearly differentiating Gozo’s rural and urban planning from Malta’s, and in line with Gozo’s status. There is also full agreement on points 3 and 4 concerning the use of fiscal incentives to direct the construction and real estate market towards more desirable outcomes.

Both GRDA and Ghal Ghawdex emphasised the urgent need to remove the “indiscriminate nature” of the existing reduced stamp duty measure currently in place which is applicable for all type of residential properties in Gozo, and agree that any fiscal incentives in this area need to be re-directed towards sustainable construction that adds long-term value to Gozo.

GRDA and the Forum said that they are also in full agreement on point 5, ensuring Gozo`s distinctiveness by designating Gozo as a ‘design priority area,’ enforcing stricter architectural standards and use of traditional features that complement the surrounding areas.

On point 8, concerning correct interpretation and strict enforcement of current policies, rules and regulations, the GRDA and the Forum again both agreed, and added that they expect “utmost importance to be given to policies G1, G2 and G3 of DC2015, by the Planning Authority, when delivering its decisions.”

Source: Gozo News