Għawdix was set up in 2021 with the principal aim to be a voice to the concerned silent majority living in Gozo, who are directly affected by this over-development and disregard for our island’s identity.

We are here to address these concerns, by lending a voice to those families who are afraid of speaking up, as well as those among us who feel that organisations, even those engaged in the fight for the environment, are cut off from reality. We’re here because we believe that both environmental protection and economic progress can exist within the same future.

Our actions are centred around five main aspects of the current Gozitan environmental reality: Height and Aesthetics of buildings in Gozo; Protection of the Gozitan landscape; ODZ and Natura 2000 sites in Gozo; Waste Management; and Good Governance.

We believe a greener and safer future for Gozo can only be achieved through changes in planning and building policies on a local and national level. For this to happen, we need to foster education and civic action among our communities.