Making change easier  

This is the slogan adopted by the new executive of GUG whose main aim us to facilitate the lives of Gozitan students. This slogan reflects the changes in the Gozitan students’ lifestyle, which can be challenging at times.

GUG (Gozo University Group) originated in the 1980s and was then officially recognised in 1987 as a student organization by the Senate of the University of Malta. Since its foundation, GUG has expanded to become more useful and flexible. It became the sole voice for Gozitan youths, students on campus and on a national level, doing its best to work for their interest and safeguard their rights. The Group tries to cater for the particular problems and needs which students may encounter.

It is affiliated to various committees and organizations including the Regional Projects Committee part of Ministry for Gozo, the KPS (Commission for Social Policy), the KNZ (Youth Council of Malta), Agenzija Żgħażagħ and the Gozo NGO Association. GUG is also striving to affiliate itself with other organizations on a European and global level.

Important values for this executive are impartiality and freedom of expression. Executive members come from different courses resulting in a team that has a wider view and diverse ideas. The Group, being a voice for Gozitan youths, promotes organizations and youths to plan for Gozo’s future. So as to meet the demands of all Gozitan youths and students, GUG attends important meeting, fully participates in discussions and gives its opinion in relevant public consultations.